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The steps of your real estate loan

1. Find the best financing and your maximum budget

Before embarking on your project, it is important to establish a financing plan that respects your financial situation and the different ways to finance the maximum amount you can borrow. This depends on the banking institution, but above all on your ability to repay, your own funds and the other guarantees you can offer. Together with our experts of credits immo, you will establish your personalized and tax-optimized financing plan. At the same time, the maximum amount for your loan will be determined as well as the state grants and subsidies from which you can benefit.

2. Sign the sales agreement

If the price of the property of your dreams falls within your budget, all you have to do is commit to buying the property by signing the sales agreement with the current owner or with the real estate agency. The sale agreement is generally limited to 30 to 60 days and, in the event of a mortgage loan, a suspensive clause is included that allows you to withdraw from the sale if your loan application is refused by the bank.

3.Apply for a housing loan

Together with our experts of credits immo you determine the total amount to be financed, which generally consists of the price of the property plus any estimates of the renovations planned, the costs related to the acquisition for example: notary fees, renovation work and the cost of a credit life insurance policy, which offers you coverage in the event of death. In addition, there are fixed costs such as bank application fees and mortgage and registration fees. The final amount to be borrowed is the difference between your own funds and the cost of implementation.

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For the constitution of a file you will have to collect a certain number of documents grouped in the checklist, namely the sales agreement, your remuneration certificates and/or the last three salary slips, your identity card, the estimates in the event of work and a proof of your personal contribution. Once all these documents have been provided, you will receive the final mortgage offer, which includes all the important data such as the amount, the rate chosen, the insurance taken out, etc.

If you wish to make an appointment or if you would like more specific information, our experts at credits immo are at your disposal!

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